About AucBidz

AucBidZ is an online Enterprise Marketplace. AucBidZ is here to improve business profitability and streamline the business operations by helping Indian Companies to work on their strategic sourcing and exploring new business opportunities. Our platform lets users cooperate and create an industry network of preferred suppliers and buyers, sell equipment post its requirements and simultaneously apply for a loan from leading banks. AuBidZ also facilitates direct transaction between buyers and sellers.

Our Story

We took inspiration from the online e-Auction marketplace. Many companies are readily making good profits by selling new/used assets through various action portals, so we were forced to think why Indian corporates are still not taking complete advantage of the combination of RFP and online e-Auction. We hence designed a platform for the corporates to create an industry network where buyers and suppliers connect with each other and take their business proceedings to the next level.

What We Offer?

Sell/Buy directly by using our secure payment gateways

Sell your product at the highest price through the Forward Auction marketplace

Buy at the lowest price through the Reverse Auction marketplace

The Procurement (RFP) marketplace facilitates buyers to Use a request to get quotes from multiple vendors. Similarly,

sellers can search for new business opportunities

Maintain industry networks. You can send RFP directly to My Suppliers/My Buyers in private mode.

Apply for a lead from a leading bank

Who we work with?

We partner with all Corporates/Wholesalers/Trades/Suppliers/Banks

Our Support team

You can count on AucBidZ's customer support team that is managed by the most experienced customer care executives. We are available 24/7 for the assistance of our clients. We guarantee both suppliers and buyers a happy buying/selling experience. What are you waiting for? Stay connected and find yourself the best win-win deals at AucBidZ!

Email - contact@aucbidz.com